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Organization Solutions

Choose the right organizing service for you!

Home organization 

We offer a wide range of home organizing services including closets, pantries, kitchens, bedrooms, basements, garages, bathrooms, playrooms, craft rooms and offices. We also offer whole home decluttering. We will categorize into Keep, Toss and Donate. Then we will implement systems to help you stay organized. We will work with the products you already have, or we will suggest products to purchase that will help you get and stay organized.

Custom Package

Do you have a bigger project or do you require a monthly organizing plan? We can create a custom package to suit your needs.

Moving Service

Do you have a bigger project or do you require a monthly organizing plan? We can create a custom package to suit your needs. Prepare to downsize and move with our decluttering and organizing process. We will work hands on with you to declutter your space in preparation for your move. Services may include decluttering, packing/unpacking, senior move management and new home set up.

How it works

Step 1: Consultation

We will start with a 30-min phone consultation. We will discuss your ideas, vision, needs, budget, supplies, and timeline. From there, we will choose a package to meet your specific needs.

Step 2: Organizing

Once you select the package that best suits your needs, we will start by pulling everything out and sort it. We will guide you through the decluttering process. We will shop for any organizing products that have been discussed and approved. We will implement your new organization system and assist you with organizing. You will be left with a beautiful and functional space that will bring you comfort and ease to your daily living. 

Step 3: Removal 

We will remove donations that will fit in our vehicle to a local charity of your choice. 1 complimentary drop-off per session

Step 4: Maintenance 

We end every project with a 30-min zoom call 30 days after our organizing session to check in and see how you are managing your new systems. If you choose, we can set up a maintenance package to help keep you on track. 

Benefits of Having a beautifully organized home

Improves Your Mental and physical Health

Reduces stress and anxiety 

Increased peace of mind with sense of order in your home.

Reduces the dust and allergens, making it easier to maintain a clean and healthy living environment

Increases Free time & Energy

An organized environment helps you find what you need quickly and efficiently

Eliminate unnecessary tasks by having a personalized system in place

Improved Time Management 

When everything has a home. Putting your items back in their home allows you to manage your time more effectively and focus on important tasks.